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TAMTF Policy Summaries

Financially Sustainable (FS) Schools: Teach A Man To Fish promotes FS Schools by providing schools across the world with the skills and knowledge they need to set up their own school businesses. By running real year-on-year school businesses that address local market demands, schools are able to generate incomes that support investment in improved educational resources and meet schools’ and students’ needs.  The school businesses are planned, launched, managed and scaled directly by teachers and students. By using this school-business model, students gain critical workplace competencies, life skills and entrepreneurial mindsets, as well as aspirations and self- belief.

Ssebuguzi John Robert, from St Denis School in Uganda, was involved in two of his school businesses: the canteen and the computer business. In the canteen, he was tasked with exchanging money and learned good customer care by being fast and efficient with transactions. He also learned how to balance the books. At the computer business, he learned how to use software. “The businesses have helped St Denis become a better school in the four years I have been there,” says Robert. “The profits help decrease the fees, so more students can learn the valuable skills I did.”
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