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Plan Policy Summaries

Enterprise Your Life (EYL) in Plan International UK projects: The EYL training programme is focused on six core enterprising life skills topics: 1) Thinking Ahead; 2) Knowing your Market; 3) Decision-making; 4) Negotiation; 5) Wise Investments; and 6) Being Different. Following the trainings in Ghana, Tanzania, Egypt and Zambia, pre- and post-tests found that EYL showed an uplift of 43% of knowledge after training, and youth set up 59,434 income generating activities of which 64% survived three months or more.  For many, this was their first attempt at generating income in a systematic way. The curriculum’s ‘coaching’ format featured interactive learning techniques where coaches provided continued support and troubleshooting assistance after the course.

Banking on Change (BoC) partnership:  Today, more than 2 billion people have no access to financial services. Barclays Bank joined up with CARE and Plan International UK to break the barriers to financial inclusion, especially for young people living on less than US$2 a day. From 2009 – 15, the partners enabled 758,000 people to gain access to informal financial services, with young people (under 35 yrs) starting nearly 117,000 income-generating activities between 2013 and 2015. BoC proved that no one is too poor to save and that savings groups provide ‘unbankable’ youth with their first step towards financial inclusion and asset-building. Now completed, the project created many insights and learning, including the Youth Savings Group Model which outlines good programming principles for youth savings groups to increase their access to financial services and deliver economic empowerment through improved entrepreneurship and business skills. It also created the Linking for Change Savings Charter, which sets out international principles for linking informal groups of savers to formal banking products.

REACH Vietnam: CO2 emissions in Vietnam are growing faster than anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region, but existing vocational training programmes do not include environment-related content. Plan International Vietnam is co-operating with local NGO REACH For Your Future to train a labour force that is skilled and ready to grow Vietnam’s green economy in a programme called Green Skills for Urban Youth in Vietnam. It aims to introduce green skills into existing TVET courses, develop green business models and scale up programmes that already include green skills training.

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