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Global Coalition on Youth Employment

TASK  ONE:  The Metrics Project

To find out what works in youth job creation, one needs to be able to measure – and compare – the impacts and cost-effectiveness of interventions. This is hard to do in a single programme context. Across the whole spectrum of a systems-wide approach, it is probably impossible.  However – if we cannot measure the impacts of different efforts at a systems approach, we are never going to be able to provide governments with the “better data” that they say they need to better target their policy interventions. Our evidence will remain anecdotal and piecemeal: we shall, in effect, be guessing.

So – we have to try. A systematic review will identify what has been found out already. And the original Bench-marking questionnaire reveals what stakeholders believe is being done across the Supply and Demand side in each of their countries and what each stakeholders believe are the effectiveness of the current programmes and policies – as the results of our first pilot study using the questionnaire across 11 different Caribbean nations in May 2018 revealed.

Stay in touch with our progress on this Task by reviewing the notes from the Metrics Task Force meetings captured here – and the various updates posted at regular intervals.

As soon as possible, a new page on this site will link to all the material we have been able to gather from Coalition members. Watch this space.



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