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Original Questionnaire


(April 2018)

Answer each question out of 10

0 = it doesn’t exist; 1 – 10 means it does exist;  1 = very ineffective;  10 = hugely successful

Current Policies:  Education
·      Is entrepreneurship Education on the National Curriculum in every school?
·      Are self-financing Schools Enterprises included in the curriculum?
·      Are self-financing Schools Enterprises included as an extra-curricular activity?
·      Is career Guidance available to all grades?
·      Are there Connectors to Local Employers?
·      Are 21st Century Skills (Green, digital, life, team, communications, presentation skills etc.) included in the curriculum of every school?
·      Are dual systems of education in place – day release, work experience etc.?
·      Do you encourage Project-based education? Sports or Creative Arts projects?
·      Is Business plan-creation training encouraged and taught in school lessons?
·      Do you have Vocational Training Centres (TVET programmes / LRCs)?
·      Are there Policies in place to support youth unemployed get into work?
·      Are there Government managed Apprenticeships, Work Experience or On-the-Job Training schemes?
·      Is there government support for 2nd chance, older youth education in Basic Skills?
Current Policies:  Access to Finance & Mentorship
·      Is there a government loan guarantee scheme providing non-collateralised loans to Youth led business start-ups at low interest and on flexible terms?
·      Are there efficient online banking services available to youth with mobile phones?
·      Online crowd-source funding / crypto-currency lending known & accessible to youth?
·      Secured lending: does government support / promote Equipment-leasing & stock loans to youth?
Networking / Support
·      Job clubs: does government encourage / fund schools to set them up?
·      National mentoring services: do they exist?
Current Policies:  Government Job Creation Actions
FIRST – Do no Harm:
·      Is it simple to set up and register a new company?
·      Are there cartels, corrupt or restrictive practices, poor industrial relations, minimum wage laws, hiring/firing regulations that constrain new job creation?
SECOND – Increase Inward Investment:
·      Do you have an ambitious Schedule of Public Infrastructure & Development Projects?
·      Vision 2030 / 2050? Does your government have one? Are you happy with it?
·      Does your government have “Open-for-Business” / enterprise-promotion campaigns?
THIRD – Other Government-led Initiatives?
·      Do you have a National Youth Employment Strategy in place?
·      Do you have national Business Plan Competitions?
·      Do you support Non-government youth job creation organisations like Junior Achievement, Youth Business International or others?
·      Do you have a national strategy for the economic empowerment of young women?
·      Do you have a national strategy for the economic empowerment of young people with disabilities?
·      Does your government do preferential procurement from youth-led start-ups?
·      Does your government support wage subsidies, job guarantee or other ‘Employer of Last Resort’ style programmes running in your country?
·      Global Entrepreneurship Week?? – Does your country take part every year?
FOURTH – Are there metrics in place to measure each intervention satisfactorily?
FIFTH – Is the budget provision made available for these policies adequate?
Private Sector Initiatives
·      Do the government and private sector work together on Skills-matching programmes to ensure companies get recruits with the right skills?
·      Are the Private Sector getting enough of the recruits that they need?
·      Do you know of any effective private sector youth job creation or training initiatives and could it be replicated by government?
·      Does the private sector have any involvement in School / Education Management?
Narrative Questions
·      How would you improve the measurement of each policy or strategy?
·      Do you feel that these measures are satisfactory?  Can you suggest improvements?
·      What other youth job creation policies / initiatives are you currently considering?
·      What is the biggest obstacle to their effective implementation?
·      How would you prioritise the different components of the Systems Approach?
·      In which areas do you think there will be significant economic growth in your nation in the next 3 to 5 decades? Tourism, Creative Industries, Biz Services, FinTech, other?
·      Are the Job Creation / Training schemes in place to create the young managers and employees who will drive these growth areas?


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